Taylor Swift Loves Making Her Lyrics

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version) debuted on Disney+ on March 14, allowing fans to experience everything from the comfort of their living rooms.

The concert film, which follows a woman desperately attempting to keep control of her bangs for three and a half hours, has it all: a swan dive into the stage,

bicycles, golf clubs, and, of course, nine eras worth of choreography — masterminded by Mandy Moore, who was not in A Walk to Remember.

But, in addition to the thrilling new moves, whether witchy ("willow") or sensual ("Vigilante Shit"), fans can expect Swift's characteristic wrist work.

Another characteristic that leaps out while watching Swift's new concert footage is her habit of miming or acting out her words while she sings them.

For example, if Swift sings the phrase "you," she's probably gesturing at the crowd. If she mentions time, she is almost certainly tapping the unseen watch on her wrist.

Taylor Swift views a concert as a giant game of charades, and she consistently wins.

She does this so frequently that if you watched the concert on mute (which is not suggested), you'd probably still understand what she's singing.