Margot Robbie produces a 'Sims' movie.

"The Sims" is the latest game to receive the Hollywood treatment.Margot Robbie, still riding the tide of

"Barbie's" popularity, is slated to produce "The Sims" film through her production businessLuckyChap Entertainment, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The InSneider was the first to report the news.Kate Herron, who directed and executive produced Marvel's Disney+ series "Loki,"will direct and co-write with her longtime colleague Briony Redman,

THR reports. Herron and Redman most recently collaborated on an episode of "Doctor Who." Herron is no stranger to video game adaptations;

she is one of the directors of HBO's second season of "The Last of Us."LuckyChap partners Josey McNamara and Robbie's husband,

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Tom Ackerley, as well as Roy Lee and Miri Yoon for Vertigo Entertainment,

complete the production team, according to THR.Lee previously served as a producer on "The Lego Movie" franchise, thus he will bring his experience with IP adaptations to this project.

Representatives for Robbie, Herron, and Lee did not immediately reply to requests for comment.