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Tim McGraw, at his Thursday night concert in Des Moines, sported Caitlin Clark's No. 22 jersey, a nod to the Iowa women's basketball star, showcasing his awareness of the local audience.

McGraw's surprise gesture at Wells Fargo Arena highlighted his connection to Iowa fans as he paid tribute to Caitlin Clark, symbolizing her widespread popularity. 

Returning to Iowa after two years, McGraw's choice to wear Clark's jersey resonated with the crowd, underlining her status as a sports icon both locally and nationally. 

McGraw, during his Des Moines concert, honoured Caitlin Clark by donning her black-and-gold No. 22 jersey, acknowledging her immense influence in college sports. 

 McGraw's support for Caitlin Clark at his recent concert showcased the guard's immense popularity and impact beyond the boundaries of Iowa.

In a gesture of solidarity with Caitlin Clark, Tim McGraw donned her No. 22 jersey at his Des Moines concert, symbolizing her significance in collegiate athletics

 McGraw's wearing of Caitlin Clark's jersey at the Wells Fargo Arena underscored her rising prominence, resonating with fans locally and nationally. 

. At his Des Moines concert, Tim McGraw's tribute to Caitlin Clark through her No. 22 jersey demonstrated her widespread acclaim, aligning with her status as a collegiate sports sensation.